Pooja R Bhale (PRB) is a Conservation Biologist with an MSc Conservation from UCL, London and a BSc (Hons) Animal Biology & Conservation, UEL, London. She has previously worked with reputed wildlife organisations such as WPSI, Sanctuary-Asia, Elephant Family, Shamwari Game Reserve and Indian Herpetological Society. Her ancillary certifications include Leadership for Young Adults, Reiki, Telepathic Animal Communication and NLP amongst others. Currently she heads Protecterra Ecological Foundation (PEF), a non-profit dedicatedly working in ecological awareness, education and outreach. The Farm is PEF’s flagship project, an effort to reconnect people to the planet through love, awareness and learning. PRB lives at The Farm in a tent with her animals, nearly 40 of them. Spiritual ecology is the niche space in which The Farm, PRB and PEF operate. On her own time, PRB is a sportswoman and currently plays rugby on the Maharashtra team. She has also extensively travelled and worked in protected areas in South Africa, England and across India.
Pooja is a light worker with a star seed past and is deeply involved in the spiritual realms of shamanism, bhakti and meditation.

Mandar is a writer, speaker and strategic
communications consultant. With B Tech
from COEP he is also a visiting faculty at his
alma mater and other colleges in Pune. A
lifelong student of Kabir; Mandar expresses
his understanding of the 15 century Indian
Mystic and Poet through his regular blogs
and also his book The Kabir Way. As a
musician he has also composed saint poetry;
mainly Kabir, Tukaram and Dyaneshwar.
Music has been with Mandar since his
childhood and he found a life-changing Guru in Late Pt. Vijay Sardeshmukh. He is also the
co-founder of Baithak Foundation an NGO working to build artistic foundations to create a
better society.

Mandar is a TEDx speaker and a corporate trainer and has conducted trainings for many reputed companies.

Dakshayani is a kirtankar, an avid reader
and a connoisseur of Indian Classical Music.
She is the author of two books; her recent
one being ‘Freddy’ a beautiful illustrated
book about Pt. Firoz Dastur. With her
academic understanding of Law, she
continues to discover the essence of
‘Education’ even after pursuing Masters in
Education from TISS, Mumbai. She is
currently the CEO of Baithak Foundation,
looking after an array of initiatives and

Dakshayani is a TEDx speaker.