Aarohi Rane: Aarohi is a wedding photographer who has turned her passion into a profession. Her mission is to deliver the best of memories. 

Bhaumik Shah: Purposeful and secretly playful might be the short way to sum up Bhaumik. His desires are mostly centered around being of service and helping other beings live a better life. 

Dr. Deepa Patil: A Homoeopath and Stress Management Counsellor – Deepa also holds a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. She loves to watch biopics, cooking, reading and has a good collection of books. Often Deepa is on a digital detox. 

Meghna Jharia: Meghna is a very compassionate, warm, and lovely person to know. Every time she meets someone new she asks them their favourite food and then recreates it at home. 

Rishikesh Raut: Rishikesh is a very genuine and warm person. They have a special interest towards plants and currently tend to many different varieties. 

Sudhanshu Atre: Sudhanshu is a thinker at the core. Anyone speaking to him will feel a great sense of gratitude for his genuine sense of connection, love, and amazed by his eagerness to learn.

Tanavi Jagdale: In pursuit of perfection is a line that sums up Tanavi. For her life is dominated by the arts and artistic expression. There is not one single aspect that dominates, but rather an array of arts that make up Tanavi’s life.

 Warwick Blow: Born in South Africa, Warwick was adopted at the age of about 10 days old. He has 2 older siblings. Warwick was raised in South Africa until the age of 9 and then was moved to England.

 Tanveen Dugal: The girl with the golden voice and beautiful long hair! She’s lived in UK for a year and has completed her BBA and MBA here in Pune. Professionally, she runs an e-learning company in Pune, named Flipick.

Claire Reichle: A student of Gender Studies and interested in the way everyone’s lives are so impacted by gender, sexuality and power. Clair loves spending time in nature, reading and dance.

Nidhi Kamath: After completing chemical engineering Nidhi followed a fellowship to understand the grassroots problems in rural Maharashtra. She has always been interested in the field of education and ecology and has come a long way into it.

Shikha Kundra: Musician at heart, lover of ‘staying with whatever arises within’, following the mindfulness-based approach and principles or Buddhism for looking at life. She works in the field of early childhood development.

Dhananjay Udgaonkar: Trained as a life scientist, Dhananjay is interested in reconciliation of scientific and spiritual world views. The topic of reconciliation between rationalistic and faith-based views of life, evolution and consciousness has always appealed his conversations.

Namita Bhoj: Namita is a deep thinker and a creative person, as reflected by her interest in art, creating things, and decoration. Sports has been a huge part of Namita’s life since childhood; it gives her a feeling of freedom. She has created her career around her love of sports.

Mrinalini Chaudhari: A commerce graduate, born and brought up in Pune (her favourite city). Always willing to go out of the way to help people. She is a cleanliness freak, might have a mild OCD as well. Will go to extremes to do things for people she loves with a never back down attitude.

Pritam Nakil: Pritam is a Hindustani Classical vocalist. He studied music and then taught vocal music in schools, colleges and private classes. He has been performing and practicing music since last 20 years.

Neha Inamdar: A cyclist, an IT consultant, a fiercely independent woman, mother of one who is finding her balance beautifully between various things in life. Work and family keep her busy at the oddest hours but Neha manages to find time for what she loves the most.

Poornima Suresh: Poornima is a science writer by profession. She has a strong interest in psychology and philosophy. She has always been drawn to understanding the inner self since childhood, as well as giving back to society.

Rutvi Kadam: Rutvi is a mom, a wife, an engineer and an amazing HR Professional. Born and brought-up in the city of Pune, Rutvi always have had her inclination towards nature, animals, gardening and treks.

Yogesh Babar: A Mechanical Engineer by professional Yogesh has always had his heart around arts and crafts. A very warm gentleman with a never back down attitude.

Shubha Kulkarni: An MBA in retail and consumer science from US she has a work experience in retail market for over 10 years. Along with her own experimental ventures, she is an active Social Worker participating in the work of NGOs in the field of ecology.

Sehr Raheja: Sehr has been an active social worker. The current cause she is actively working on is the impact of coal on water. Along with this serious side she enjoys singing and has her inclination towards art, irrespective of the form.

Varnita Bose: There is not a single passion of hers which she has not worked on from a Computer Science engineer to a Masters in Finance and from a very corporate banking career to being a teacher Varnita is nothing but an embodiment of versatility.

Lehnaz Umrigar: Lehnaz is a practising Audiologist & Speech Therapist by profession. With this she has always made time for gardening and writing, an avid reader who also has love for animals and nature.

Abhishek Jain: Abhishek is a regular volunteer to many social causes in the city of Pune. He also has is own CSR organization and along with managing it completely he also caters to his artistic side.

Aman Purohit: Aman is an environment enthusiast. He is a student with his interests in economics and human behaviour and harmony with nature and other species.

Appaiya Saran: Appaiya is an adventurer and all he firmly believes that the education is not something you can ever finish.

Deepak Lonare: Deepak is a young lad who is determined to find his purpose in the bigger picture of the big bad world. His interest is in makeup and he loves art.

Eda Di Carlo: Born and raised in the wonderful country of Istanbul and currently in Italy where she works in a private company. Eda has always been passionate about environmental awareness.