‘Wherever You Are, Is The Entry Point’ – Kabir

Seers and Saints like Kabir have shared wisdom that transcends time, age and gender. Wisdom that is relevant even today. The Covid 19 pandemic has been an opportunity for humanity. Unlock Your Self is a distance learning course spread across 7 weeks.

The course asks participants to dwell upon 4 fundamental questions.

  1. Are you a part of the problem or the solution?
  2. Are you willing to find yourself?
  3. How far are you willing to go to find yourself?
  4. If you were to die tomorrow, would you be at peace today?

It will provide participants with the required introspective tools to engage with the internal and the external from a place of deeper understanding. It will create opportunities for intellectual motivation, self-reflection and action. Over the 7 weeks you will study how to apply certain dohas of Kabir to your everyday life.

After course completion, participants will demonstrate a more authentic understanding of how to operate in the post pandemic world that we are faced with. You will also have the option of engaging with a likeminded community that is moving towards becoming a part of the solution. The main purpose is to empower within you the courage to be a change maker.

Participants will get regular tasks, reading materials, stories and videos. There will be weekly online interactions. Singing, self-assessment sheets, habit forming action items, affirmations, community interactions and guest videos will form a part of the pedagogy.

Content: The course comprises of a total of 6 themes.

  1. Love – Learning to Release
  2. Awareness – How to Reflect and Rethink
  3. Now – Taking Responsibility
  4. Share – Replenishing
  5. Compassion – From a place of respect
  6. Completeness – Relearning to be Real