Unlock Your Self : The Kabir Way is a distance and in-person course based on wisdom of Sant Kabir, a 15th century saint from India.

A combination of introspection, insights, tasks and assignments, this course uses timeless wisdom of Saint Kabir to bring in the much needed change in each one of us.

Unlock Your Self : The Kabir Way is an intensive course in which the participants are guided on an inward journey of reflection with the help of :

Contemplation on Kabir’s poems
Tasks driven by sustainability
Conscious living

Rejuvenation through meditation
Affirmations for better self dialogue
Community building
Mindfulness through singing
Curated reading and assignments

And Much More….

Course Creators:

Baithak Foundation is a not for profit charitable organisation based in India working with individuals, low income schools, community centres and corporates to create deep engagement with the magical art form – Indian Classical Music (ICM). Through an array of programs Baithak focusses on the benefits of practising ICM.


Protecterra Ecological Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2011 with a vision and dream of a sustainable planet and sensitive people. They have been conscientiously working with several people, schools, corporates and individuals to enable action through education, awareness and outreach. Their flagship project is The Farm.